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Edible-insect packaging: It’s worm in here!

12th Mar, 2019
illustration of insects for neworld blog

Edible-insect packaging: It’s worm in here!

What is highly nutritious, low in fat, environmentally sustainable, popular with 2 billion people worldwide and has six legs? The original superfood! Edible-insects might be the protein of the future – can tasteful packaging help us stomach that?

The earth’s population is predicted to swell beyond 9 billion by 2050, further draining the earth’s already stretched resources. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation argues that something needs to change soon and suggests that a move towards insect consumption could help drastically reduce pollution as well as help to fight world hunger. Unfortunately, this particular superfood has a unique PR issue that’s hard to swallow: Most of us find the idea of eating insects utterly repulsive.

Convincing European consumers to give edible insects a try is an enormous challenge. The necessity of attractive packaging cannot be understated in this sector. The packaging of edible insect products has to quash consumer prejudices. It has the difficult task of getting consumers to view insects as protein-packed snacks rather than creepy crawlies. Below are some examples of companies who, with the help of smart, bold and beautiful and packaging, hope to change the eating habits of billions of people.

4 boxes of Zirp insects.

ZIRP INSECTS is an Austrian start-up for edible insects. “In 2017 we launched our new product range. We created a cute family of illustrated insects to attract consumers attention and overcome prejudices.”

Zirp insects: Front and back of box.

Zirp Insects: Inside of box showing product story.

Fun fact: The packaging designer’s name on this project is Gerlinde Gruber.

Chirps chips packaging

Chirps is a cricket-based food company that won investment on Shark Tank (America’s version of Dragon’s Den.)

Eco Cricket Protein Bar

Eco Cricket Protein Bar x 3

Exo Cricket Protein Bars‘ tagline is “Maximum Nutrition, Minimum Resources” and their punchy packaging design follows this more impact, less fuss motto.

Eat Grub products

The inclusion of a window in Eat Grub’s ‘ready to cook insects’ packaging is impressively honest. If you’re convinced, find recipes on their site  here.


Nora Dog Food packaging

Food sustainability isn’t just for the two-legged community. Yora is an insect-based food dog food and is brand new to the British market. Check out their gorgeous animated graphics here.

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