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No matter how many social platforms your brand is on, no matter how intensive your paid advertising strategy may be, your website is your castle. It’s the one place online where you can control every aspect of how your brand is presented. Your website is the hub of everything your brand will do online. It’s the place where your customer arrives when they are ready to take action. It’s also where they come when they need help. And when they want to dream about what’s possible. So let’s make it a dream destination.

A one stop shop for digital brand services

Based in Dublin, we serve industry-leading clients throughout Ireland and around the world. We specialise in custom website development, digital marketing, social media, and video presentations, all with a strong brand focus.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts can create a connected digital universe for your business, with your website at the centre. This is how you create an online presence where each element strategically supports the next, with beautiful brand consistency at every touch point.

We analyse your requirements, integrate your brand vision, and develop online strategies to promote your campaigns and grow your business.

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Custom website development for one-of-a-kind brands

At Neworld, we believe in bespoke website development.

Your website is responsible for telling the world who you are, what you do, and how you are different from your competitors. There’s no place for generic templates.We design and develop contemporary, engaging websites: powerful business channels for connecting directly with your target audiences.

Our dedicated in-house web development team will then create a powerful website tailored to your business and organisational objectives and the specific needs of your audience.

As with everything we do, our approach is strategy based. We spend time in advance of design and production to develop a structure and interface that your audience will engage with and enjoy. Also known as user experience (UX) design, this level of thoughtful planning is the gold standard of website design today and the secret to a website that really works.

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What kind of websites do we build?

Our web developers build impactful, modern websites using cutting edge tools and technologies. We create responsive websites that scale automatically, delivering the same brand experience across a range of devices, whether it’s mobile, tablet or desktop.

Sites include easy to use Content Management Systems (CMS) which allow your staff to update content on the site through the easy to use browser interface as frequently as needed, without requiring knowledge of HTML code.

As a complement to the CMS, we also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the look and feel of the site is protected and maintained at all times.

Many sites are built on WordPress and hosted on optimised platforms to ensure pages are fast and responsive to load, with full GDPR and legal compliance.

Websites that we produce are search engine friendly, meaning they are built with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. We have extensive experience building multilingual websites as well as sites with e-commerce capability to support online shops and booking engine integration.

How much does it cost?

Because every website we produce is completely customised, there are many factors which influence the cost of your website. The first step is to have a chat with you and to take the time to fully understand your website needs and objectives. We then follow-up with an itemised proposal which details what’s included and costs for optional extras, depending on your priorities and budget.

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Who we work with

Neworld has over 25 years’ experience creating rich and engaging websites for public sector and commercial businesses in areas including hospitality, food & drink, health & beauty, engineering & construction, education, finance and technology.

Whether you are undergoing a digital transformation or looking to bolster your online brand profile and drive sales, we will partner with you to create an effective online home to inform, educate and inspire your consumer, trade and other audiences.

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Video Presentations: bringing your brand to life

Online video is the fastest growing digital channel in the world right now.

On your website or out in the world, when you need a digital presentation to support a campaign, explain a process, or promote a product launch, Neworld is here to create videos combining static images, motion graphics, animated typography, captions, 3D renders, live action video and audio in a narrative flow to communicate key messages and tell rich, impactful brand stories.

Video production can be an intimidating prospect for brands, but we take all the stress out of the process. We design the storyboards, write the scripts, record voiceovers and build unique tailored presentations with sophisticated and subtle transitions. We composite and edit the assets and render the final digital files for delivery to audiences in one-to-one presentations, in board rooms, at a conference or trade shows, or online on web and social channels.

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