POSTED BY: Xat Houatchanthara

Street Cred

22nd Mar, 2019
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Getting from A to B has got a lot cooler! Gone is the humble skateboard and scooter, sweating profusely as you pound the pavement down the street…

Instead we now have silent electric powered scooters, unicycles or hover-boards. A lot of fun and not a bad way to get from A to B specially if it’s your commute to work!

I’ve been admiring from afar but personally am not yet brave enough for the Dublin traffic!

The Hoverboard, unlike the name suggests doesn’t actually hover! It is also known as a self balancing electric scooter with two wheels on either side, you balance in the middle of the board as you ride along hands-free. A simpler take on the Segway and less bulky…

The alternative is the electric scooter – a couple of pushes and away you go! Top speed can go up to 25 km/h with a distance of up to 20 km per charge (approx 4hrs). A no-brainer for the environmentally conscious commuter.

For those who grew up with Tony Hawk and are hanging onto their youth – here’s the new urban way to get around – the eye-catching Onewheel Pint. Though cool, it comes at a price!

Getting to work has never been so much fun! Relive your youth and take care of the environment at the same time because, as recent protests highlighted, we have no Planet B. This is it!

Xat Houatchanthara – Creative Director Visual Communications

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