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Show them what you're made of. A brilliant brand identity works so hard for your business. It's everything you stand for, made visible. It calls out to your ideal customers. It defines you in the marketplace. It's the flag you plant to claim your place in your industry. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking for expert guidance ahead of a total brand refresh, we'll make sure your visual identity lives up to your highest ideals for your brand.

Developing your company brand identity

Brand design is how we bring your brand strategy to life and connect with your audience in a way that’s exciting, memorable, and perfectly you.

Creating a brand visual identity is more than just a good-looking logo. It’s a combination of strategic choices and interlocking pieces which work together to create your unique and ownable brand style.

We explore your world, your history, and your context, pulling together research and inspiration to develop your own unique brandmark. Starting with this logo as “home base”, we will define and extend your brand’s visual language, creating supporting graphics, visual assets and colour palettes to pull it all together.

Then we document it in detail, so that it’s ready to be deployed across your brand universe.

Take the guesswork out of day to day design tasks with brand guidelines

For your branding to be successful, it must be consistent. Wherever and whenever your audience encounters your brand, they must be able to tell at a glance that they are in the right place.

We will help you create a set of brand guidelines which will make it crystal clear when and how your brand will be expressed. This means that all your brand collateral is working to its full potential. It also ensures that all consumer touchpoints are aligned and all stakeholders are working from the same road map.

Brand guardianship offers a watchful eye and a helping hand

We know how difficult it can be to maintain brand consistency with multiple stakeholders and brand partners. You have enough to be doing without adding the need to play “brand police” at every turn. We can provide support with your brand identity management by overseeing at key points, or as often as every day. Whatever you need.

Ongoing visual asset development and support

The design demands on a healthy business are never ending. From annual reports and internal communications to event invitations, menus and signage, from brochures and informational handouts to billboards and print ads: if your brand needs it, our designers can take it off your plate and make it wonderful.

Signage and way-finding: fearless navigation on the most practical level

Helping your customers navigate your space is another way to deepen their trust and comfort with your brand. Beautiful, branded, and useful signage is an expression of hospitality, making them feel cared for and ensuring they can get where they need to without any unnecessary detours.

We have extensive experience developing directional roadmaps and designing all levels of signage requirements, from exterior building signage to totems, from hotel way-finding systems to building interior directional signage and forecourts.