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Research is the foundation of every piece of work we will do together. It’s the most intensive part of our process, and the most valuable. This is how we find one-in-a-million insights and lay the foundation for million-dollar ideas. Intensive research fuels our creativity and informs our expertise. It is our competitive advantage, which means it’s yours, too. Here’s how we do it.

Your brand audit: Not intimidating. Enlightening.

“Audit” is nobody’s favourite word, until they work with us. Because this is where the really exciting work starts. Think of your Brand Audit as your ticket to total brand clarity. It will tell you precisely where you currently sit in terms of your brand positioning, brand profile and communications. It will give you a concrete measurement of how effective your branding is right now. Of what’s really working for you, and whether there’s anything holding you back.

The audit explores:

  • The culture of your organisation
  • Your service promise
  • How you talk to your staff and other stakeholders
  • How you present yourself through every brand touchpoint: PR, advertising, presentations, annual reports and more

We’ll also measure internal perceptions of your brand against external perceptions. (In simple terms: Who do you think you are? And who do your customers think you are?) That intersection is where we’ll find the crucial overlaps and gaps. The untapped potential and opportunities. The raw ingredients of your brand transformation. The key insights that will define your brand positioning and overarching brand strategy. It takes courage to take an unflinching, unvarnished look at your brand. To turn over every stone and peer into every dusty corner. But the work is worth it. Always.

We don’t hold back, and neither should you. When the audit is complete you will have a fresh, no-holds-barred perspective on your brand. We will present you with a complete analysis of your brand, plus expert advice on what you need to act on immediately and exactly how to go about it. In short, you’ll have a clear and actionable strategy on what to do and where to go next.

Take the first step towards total brand clarity

Brand immersion: part psychology, part anthropology, part love story

Nobody knows your business better than you and your people. You live and breathe your brand. So we’re going to get right in there with you. We will travel from our Dublin office to your site and engage deeply with every aspect of your brand and business, conducting qualitative interviews with key stakeholders. We’re going to form a profound understanding of the product you sell, the service you deliver and the people behind your brand. This isn’t about navel-gazing. This is about building a vital, vibrant brand with substance, personality and heart.

We will explore key areas including: 

  • Your history and geographical context
  • The culture/philosophy of your organisation
  • The people who work with you, their unique skills and experience
  • The service you offer; the unique and compelling facets of your product or service – its provenance, quality, and characteristics etc.

This is where we find the ingredients of a unique, irresistible, and enduring brand. This process will tease out critical insights and key USPs that will form the building blocks of your brand story, personality, and design. The interviews will also highlight potential new angles, ideas, and concepts that you may not even have considered. We will also talk to a sample of your client base, to get a fuller understanding from the customer perspective.

We need to understand and document the brand journey: 

  • What are the key triggers and potential paths to purchase?
  • Why do people already buy from you?
  • Where do they find you?
  • What do they love about you?
  • What makes them come back?

We will also conduct desk research to understand your brand in its full market context: the competitive landscape and branding ecosystem you’re doing business in every day. The result of the Brand Immersion is a solid foundation on which to build a compelling brand story and a competitive point of difference for your brand. There are no shortcuts to standing out.

Let’s obsess over your brand together

Brand Health Check: Keep your brand performing at its highest potential

A healthy brand is a living thing. It grows. It stretches. It adapts to the demands and desires of its audience, and to address new opportunities and challenges in the marketplace. Complacency is the enemy of growth, so it’s incredibly valuable to revisit your brand strategy on a regular basis.

A brand health check is a research service we offer to our existing clients. It’s a useful tool to review and re-calibrate your brand at regular intervals or whenever something shifts.It revisits the key findings and actions of the brand audit and reassesses their overall performance in the current market context.

  • Has your market changed?
  • Have your customers changed?
  • Are you performing well in terms of brand awareness?
  • Does your staff understand your brand values?
  • Is your brand presence consistent?

Using qualitative research methodology, we will revisit the key brand touchpoints and drill down to find out how the brand is performing regarding each of these key areas. We will get a clear understanding of what parts of the brand strategy have worked the best. Most importantly, we will seek out any elements that are under-performing and which could pose a threat to the brand.

Brand health is guaranteed to have a significant impact on the consumer awareness of your brand AND your bottom line. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your brand is consistently performing to its full potential.

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Vox Pops: x-ray vision for brand perception

You want to know what your customers are thinking, so let’s ask them. It’s a stunningly simple idea, but to get the most valuable insights, you’ve got to do it right. Vox Pops are a highly effective method of consumer research.

Vox Pops can be used to get quick, fresh, unprompted opinions on a product, service or to gauge brand awareness. They can be carried out in-store, on-street or on location. We ask open-ended questions to find out what they think, using specific interview techniques to mine for golden sound-bites. The result is a priceless on-the-spot snapshot of your brand in the consumer context.

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