POSTED BY: Rita Gomes

Unisex clothes for kids

2nd Apr, 2019
children modeling clothes

Unisex clothes for kids

There was a big buzz last month when Zippy Kidstore launched their HAPPY Ungendered Collection. Every clothing item in the collection can be worn by both boys and girls from 3 to 14 years old.

Zippy highlights that the colours are what makes the collection special. Each colour is used to represent a personality and each clothing item celebrates and embraces every single colour, reinforcing the concept of togetherness.

It’s a very fun and practical collection if you think about it. It gives parents versatile options when they need to dress their kids. And the clothes can be passed on from brothers to sisters and vice versa! It helps parents on a daily basis, making the family routine less complicated.

Unfortunately, not everyone has responded so positively to this collection. There’s been an online backlash, which personally, I don’t understand. It’s all about education at the end of the day. One person shared a nice story about their son – “One day my son was using a pink feeding bottle and another boy said, ‘Ew, pink is for girls’”. Her son replied straight away “Well now it’s for boys” …Mic drop!

We’ve all had clothing passed on from another person. I truly love the collection, it’s what kids are supposed to be – Happy!


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