POSTED BY: Anita Kerr

Branding from the heart

19th Mar, 2019
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Branding from the heart

Shortly after Christmas, after years of constant badgering, my son finally got his wish – a pet.

Not for us the Cockapoo or French Bulldog. No, my son chose the “dog of the reptile world”, a baby bearded dragon. He was a handsome chap. His pelt was vibrant yellow with flaming orange markings. So we called him Blaze.

During the first few days he eagerly explored his tank, munched on crickets and offered up a daily poo. Then disaster struck. He got sleepier and sleepier. He stopped eating. He spent his time forlornly draped across his rock.

We took him to the local vet. A specialist in exotic pets. She gently examined him. Metabolic bone disorder – a pre-existing condition. She kept him at the practice that night. She brought him home that weekend to tend him personally. Each day she administered drugs into his tiny little mouth with a pipette. Each day we received a call giving us an update. “He took his meds.” “He’s doing better today.” “We think he’s turned a corner.” Then we got a call to tell us that Blaze had passed away.

With heavy hearts we went to pick up his little remains. He had been placed on a bed of cotton wool in a little white box with the message “Blaze, Beloved Bearded Dragon” scribed on the lid.

A month later, and with a new bearded dragon in situ, a card came in the post. It was from the veterinary practice. A little handwritten note extending further sympathies to our family. We were told that we had given Blaze every chance right up to the end and that they were sure he was sadly missed by all.

Global brands spend millions telling us how much they care, how much they value us, how much we mean to them. But we don’t need to look too far to see the genuine care that our own local brands have for their customers.

So to Bairbre O’Malley Veterinary Hospital, Bray, thanks to each and every one of you. You are living your brand values from the inside out. We’ll never forget you.

Anita Kerr, Senior Brand Strategist