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Bringing Digital Art to Life

25th Mar, 2019
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Bringing Digital Art to Life

Bringing Digital Art to Life

When we think of the traditional methods of painting and the necessary tools that artists need to work their craft we think of brushes and paint, canvases and paper. And for me, much of the mood and magic in painting happens when you dip your brush in the paint, lift it to the canvas and the image that you see in your mind begins to emerge in front of you. But can you achieve this same process with today’s technology? Is it possible to have an immersive, tactile experience like this in the digital world?

After trying out a few different digital painting apps the one that I quickly fell for was ProCreate on Apple iPad. This app has been designed to be used with the Apple Pencil so it feels very natural to use and enables me to make sketches on the go. The pencil responds so well to pressure and force and is as close to lifelike as possible. The brush library and colour palettes are very user friendly and you can easily import photography and build up your work using layers. Here’s some of my own creations.


Everything can be customised, from your brush strokes to the way you want to blend paint and colours. And one of my favourite features in ProCreate is how you can switch on a time-lapse recording to create a video of your process from initial sketch to final piece. It has become an essential part of my workflow and preparation process of my practice.



Scratching the Surface
Nothing will ever replace the physical experience of creating art that rises off the surface of the canvas, with the combination of colours, layering of paint and the traces of the brushwork reflecting the mood and energy of the artwork. But the creative process can only benefit from embracing the possibilities that digital art allows. Check out the video below about Google Tilt Brush to see the how the latest advances in AR and VR can even bring digital art into our physical space. I can’t wait to try this one out. In truth, we are only just scratching the surface of what’s possible.

Veronica is our resident artist and brings her undeniable flair for the creative into her role as Client Services Manager. She’s always on hand to guide you through all the aspects of your project right through to the final stages. When she’s not at her desk, you’ll find her getting creative in her own private studio, working away on everything from paintings to printmaking and drawing.