POSTED BY: Rita Gomes

Don’t let your eyes deceive you

25th Feb, 2019
Japanese lady in bright colours and shapes

Don’t let your eyes deceive you

Everybody meet Imma, a beautiful Japanese girl. She’s fashionable, popular and going viral on Instagram and Twitter. She’s taking the fashion industry by storm.

You may be wondering… So what?! Just another fashionista. She isn’t though. She’s something else, something that you can’t tell by the photos. She is, in fact, not real.


You go through the emotions of surprise, wonder and then horror.
She really looks like a real person! How is this possible?! How can they do humans so well in CGI?

Imma (from the Japanese word “ima,” meaning “now”) is a computer-generated influencer created by Tokyo-based company ModelingCafe Inc. which specialises in CG modeling. Each of Imma’s images are rendered by transposing her 3D animated head onto a live-action body and background. However, it’s almost impossible to tell—everything from her pink hair to the texture of her skin looks so lifelike!

And you ask yourself, what is a virtual influencer?

A virtual influencer operates online much as real-life ones do. Brands want to team up with them to tap into their fan base. Even if they aren’t originally designed to be a brand ambassador, with enough popularity, they will almost surely attract companies seeking endorsement deals.

Guess the future isn’t pink, but virtual. And in some way, a little bit scary.



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