Neworld Office, brand strategy, design, packaging, and digital needs

To break fresh ground.
To boldly go.

We’re a tight-knit band of intrepid creatives, strategic brains and can-do specialists.

You can’t be in branding if you’re not willing to wander off the map. For more than 35 years, we’ve been the pathfinders and rule breakers of Ireland’s creative community, supporting some of the world’s most ambitious brands.

Pioneering new technology. Adopting new techniques. Initiating a new, more strategic approach to branding and design across the ever-expanding universe of customer touchpoints. We’re old hands, but we’re madly in love with the new. You don’t lead the way for this long without reinventing yourself a few times. We know exactly what you’re up against, whether you’re starting from scratch or ready for a rebrand. A whole world of choices, channels, considerations and conversations to be had. 

Daunting? Not at all. We’ll steer you through.
Let’s go. 


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  • Steve Illustration
    Steve Grunert
    Packaging Creative Director
  • Glenn Illustration
    Glenn Bolton
    Senior Designer
  • Dee Illustration
    Deirdre O'Sullivan
    HR Manager
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  • Kerry Illustration
    Kerry Matzelle
    Brand Strategist & Storyteller
  • Mary Illustration
    Mary Helow
    Senior Account Director
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  • Caitriona Illustration
    Caitriona Butler
    Web Developer
  • Eric Illustration
    Eric Kim
    Finance Accountant
  • Gary Illustration
    Gary Gleeson
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  • Anita Illustration
    Anita Kerr
    Senior Brand Strategist & Storyteller
  • Marie Illustration
    Marie McGrath
    Senior Account Director
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  • Veronica illustration
    Veronica Dooley
    Client Services Manager
  • David Illustration
    David Jordan
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  • Trish Illustration
    Trish Brady
    Senior Web Designer
  • Lorna Illustration
    Lorna McWeeney
  • Xat illustration
    Xat Houatchanthara
    Creative Director
  • Sean Illustration
    Sean Deignan
    Senior Production Artist
  • Pat Illustration
    Pat Kinsley
    Founder & Managing Director
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