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My Type of Exhibition

29th Mar, 2019
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My Type of Exhibition

Two weeks ago I visited the Copper House Gallery just off Pleasants Street on my lunch break. There was an exhibition on which explored contemporary type and lettering design from artists around Dublin. The name of the exhibition was called Letterbomb. Using the theme of Taboo as a brief, the artists were asked to respond typographically. The exhibition brought together eighteen sign painters, typographers, graphic designers, illustrators and graffiti artists and had some very cool results.

Here are some photos that I took:

“It examines, investigates and challenges the words we cannot say, and how actions and expressions sometimes speak louder than their content. The show is a fresh and exciting take on contemporary type and lettering design. It offers its audience a unique opportunity to experience lettering, language and taboos in a visual and inventive way.” said Robin Fuller – Graphic Designer.


Typography has become more of an art form in the last few years and it’s something I have noticed around the streets of Dublin. From commissioned graffiti walls to Dublin Canvas letting artists express their lettering skills, the Capital is growing with skilled typographers, illustrators and graffiti artists. Keep an eye out for any upcoming typography exhibitions and if not, I’m sure you’ll stumble across them strolling through the city.


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