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Every wall is an opportunity!

2nd Apr, 2019
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Every wall is an opportunity!

Every time I waltz into a place I always look out for its walls. Walls that have vibrancy, some history and maybe, a message. It’s the best way to familiarise myself with the energy of a town, a city, and its people. And, the riot of colours, splashed across, is quite uplifting!

Growing up in India in the 90s, I was accustomed to seeing city walls with clinics advertising cures for everything from back pains to erectile dysfunction (explains our population explosion), posters of movie stars, politicians fighting an election, declarations of teenage love and some paan (betel leaf) spittle here and there. However, in the last 10 years, my country has had an art attack. Most of the urban spaces in India are now peppered with beautiful murals. Murals that are fun, sarcastic and sometimes revolutionary in nature. Thanks to the St+art India project which took initiatives of promoting street art in India. I have rounded up a few of my favourite works of graffitied walls across the major cities in India.

Hyderabad: Maqtha Art District is a colourful neighbourhood of chaotic children running in the narrow alleyways, exuding the energy of the vibrant murals across the walls. The fun piece below is by artists Do & Khatra which shows an elder man about to brush his only tooth.

Bangalore: Artist Shilo Shiv Suleman is an activist too. I not only love her fashion style, but I am also in awe of her fearless murals across the city which protest the gender-based violence.

Jaipur(Read HOME): The cultural city of India. It is the city full of palaces and forts which echo the splendid stories of the past and it has an interesting and rich history in terms of arts too. The below mural highlights the tribal & gypsy population of the city. Oh, this city believes in kitsch!

Street Art, what a fun way to democratise art, right?! Also, isn’t it reckoned a city without wall art is just meh!

Rashima Sharma, Business Developer Intern 

Rashima Sharma moved to Dublin from Hyderabad, India in July 2018. She interns as a Business Developer at Neworld. She did her MBA in Marketing & Sales and has extensive experience in sales, banking, and marketing. At Neworld, she has developed an appreciation for branding and its relationship with design effectiveness. She admires the creativity and enthusiasm of her colleagues and is happy to be a part of the show by bringing in more interesting opportunities.