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Social Media Blog 3: How to Grow Social Media Following Organically

posted on 11th Feb 2021

First things first, increasing social media followers is not a marketing objective for your brand. There are however a number of objectives which can be achieved more efficiently with a larger number of followers. For example, if you want to improve brand awareness or generate leads organically on Facebook or Instagram then a larger following will... Gimme More »

Social Media Blog 1: Crashing Social Media

posted on 27th Jan 2021

The collaborative and participatory nature of Web 2.0 created the foundations for the rise of social media platforms. Brands rushed into this new opportunity to reach their audience with flashy tools and impressive technologies. In many cases, they forgot two essential things: Social media was designed for people, not brands. Social media... Gimme More »

Apple does it again nailing WFH

posted on 22nd Jul 2020

I suppose it helps to have a big budget but Apple continually hit the nail on the head when it comes to getting into the heads of it's consumers. They do a great parody of our Covid 19 lives working from home (WFH) and all the chaos it can bring while also showing off how amazing their tech can perform to adapt. 6 mins 55 seconds enjoy! Gimme More »

Your brain on criticism

posted on 5th Apr 2019

I recently started listening to a new podcast - WorkLife with Adam Grant. Adam Grant is an Organisational Psychologist who, in his own words, “studies how to make work not suck.” I’ve always been particularly interested in the application of Organisational Psychology. Psychology has been applied with great effect to various fields like... Gimme More »

Her apron strings and her purse…

posted on 4th Apr 2019

‘The Purse’ tells the true story of two Wales fans, brothers David and Gareth Rees, who keep the memory of their late mother Olive alive by following Wales in the Guinness Six Nations. Olive left her sons an inheritance on the sole condition that it was used to follow their beloved Wales, as well use her favourite Welsh Dragon purse which... Gimme More »

Every wall is an opportunity!

posted on 2nd Apr 2019

Every time I waltz into a place I always look out for its walls. Walls that have vibrancy, some history and maybe, a message. It’s the best way to familiarise myself with the energy of a town, a city, and its people. And, the riot of colours, splashed across, is quite uplifting! Growing up in India in the 90s, I was accustomed to seeing city... Gimme More »

My Type of Exhibition

posted on 29th Mar 2019

Two weeks ago I visited the Copper House Gallery just off Pleasants Street on my lunch break. There was an exhibition on which explored contemporary type and lettering design from artists around Dublin. The name of the exhibition was called Letterbomb. Using the theme of Taboo as a brief, the artists were asked to respond typographically. The... Gimme More »

Three, Two, One, Lift off

posted on 28th Mar 2019

Voyager Blog
On Tuesday of this week, the United States vice president Mike Pence delivered a space policy speech that called for American men and women to return to the Moon by 2024. Despite the understandable doubt that has been cast on the viability of this plan, (because there isn’t a plan or a budget) it is a hopeful time in space travel. Earlier... Gimme More »

Instagram your brand

posted on 26th Mar 2019

Instagram has more than 1 billion active users, it boasts higher engagement rates than any other social media platform. With the right strategy you can make Instagram work for your brand. Using hashtags Using hashtags on Instagram can increase user engagement - one hashtag averages 12% more engagement than a post without one. It’s a great way... Gimme More »

Bringing Digital Art to Life

posted on 25th Mar 2019

Bringing Digital Art to Life When we think of the traditional methods of painting and the necessary tools that artists need to work their craft we think of brushes and paint, canvases and paper. And for me, much of the mood and magic in painting happens when you dip your brush in the paint, lift it to the canvas and the image that you see in... Gimme More »