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The emoji – powerful design or millennial nonsense?

posted on 24th Apr 2018

They’re just for twenty-somethings. They’re making us lazy. They’re destroying language as we know it. They’re crass. They’re definitely not work safe. Emojis get a tough time but it’s hard to imagine a world without them. But let’s for a moment do just that. Let’s go way back to 1999... a pre-millennial and pre-millenium age... Gimme More »

Search Engine Optimisation (or There’s no point in being online if your audience can’t find you) Part 1

posted on 3rd Oct 2011

Four years ago I wrote an article for a magazine about the basics of search engine optimistation. I stumbled on the text again recently and was surprised to see how much is still relevant, at least in terms of the basic principles, so relevant I thought it worth revisiting for a blog post. I have updated some elements of the text – I don’t... Gimme More »

Facebook Video Vs Youtube: Which is Best?

posted on 17th Aug 2011

Using video to promote brands is becoming increasingly important in marketing. With good quality, inexpensive cameras, it’s getting easier to shoot, edit and upload video content. It’s easier for fans too, which makes them more inclined than ever to upload something to your website, blog or Facebook page spontaneously, or as part of a... Gimme More »

Infographic: The Internet of Things

posted on 15th Aug 2011

The internet of things is a fascinating concept, where every offline object imaginable is connected in someway to the online world. When machines start talking to each other they can be used to make our lives better, or so the theory goes. Say you have to get a flight at 8am, which has been delayed by 30 minutes and your alarm clock is notified... Gimme More »

Add Your Facebook Friends & Photos to Google+

posted on 20th Jul 2011

There's been countless articles posted on Google+ in the last few weeks. Is it a Facebook killer, a Twitter killer, a LinkedIn killer a Foursquare killer? The truth is it's probably none of the above. An interesting stat I picked up on last week was Google's Q2 profits in 2011 coming in at more than Facebook's entire revenue for 2010. If something... Gimme More »

Facebook Credits: Moving Towards F Commerce?

posted on 13th Jul 2011

The last few weeks have been kind of important for Facebook's virtual currency Facebook Credits. It's now available to purchase in 47 different currencies, from Bolivian Boliviano's to Chinese Yuan's (Who know's, it's probably even more stable than certain other currency's too?). On July 1st all virtual games transferred to using Credits as the... Gimme More »

How Google+ Can Succeed: Privacy, Mobile & No Ad’s

posted on 29th Jun 2011

I read through a fairly lengthy article on this morning detailing the last year of progress in delivering the new Google + product. I haven't tested the product yet so these are only my thoughts on how a superior product could compete with Facebook. (There's an early and fairly positive review here.) After the failure of Buzz and Wave to... Gimme More »

Klout Earns You Facebook Freebies!

posted on 22nd Jun 2011

A few weeks ago I came across this interesting article on Twitter alerting me to Klout Perks. I'm not sure how familiar you might be with Klout, but it ranks you based on your social media activity. Not just on how many people follow you but also on how influential you are. It recently began to include your Facebook and LinkedIn profile's to gauge... Gimme More »

Facebook Insights Guide

posted on 21st Jun 2011

Facebook updated their guide to Insights not so long ago. It's a very useful guide and a must read for any page administrators. Understanding how your Facebook marketing is performing (and not just how many new fans you have) is essential for success.After all wouldn't you like to know what your fans enjoy about your page? The Facebook Guide to... Gimme More »

15 of the Best Twitter Campaigns

posted on 2nd Jun 2011

Twitter isn’t the most obvious platform for marketers to engage in. The 140 character limit is probably the biggest stumbling block. It’s restrictive and requires marketers to be even more creative in how it’s used. The attraction of Twitter is it’s realtime connection, it’s people online right now, which could also prove daunting.... Gimme More »