Facebook Profile to a Page

1st Apr, 2011

I recall trying to set up my first Page on Facebook, the social network didn’t make it too easy. So seeing businesses set up a profile instead of a page was understandable. No one really knew what the benefits to a page over a profile were, as they weren’t communicated properly, if anything a Page had less features than a Profile so is it any surprise some businesses opted for the latter?

For businesses who found themselves with a personal profile Facebook have introduced a new option to make the change over. It’s now possible to change a Facebook Profile to a Page. For businesses who have yet to make that change you might want to read the three reasons below.

Link to change Facebook Profile to a Page.

Why you Should Change Facebook Profile to a Page

There’s three reasons why businesses should change their Facebook Profile over to a Page

  1. Restrictions: Personal profiles are restricted to less than 5,000 friends. Pages can have an unlimited number of fans.
  2. More Apps: You can add any number of applications (apps) to Pages. Apps allow pages to run competitions, sell goods and do a host of business related tasks. You cannot add business apps to a personal profile.
  3. Analytics: Pages give you access to analytical data on your fans. You will have access to demographic and geographic information, and you can also monitor how often your content (pages, tabs, apps. updates, videos and photo’s) has been viewed or clicked on. Personal profiles do not provide this information

So with a personal Profile your business is restricted on the amount of fans it can have, constrained by the features it can have, and you have no idea who your fans are or where they are from.

I think it’s time to change.

Update – For people who have changed their personal profile to a business page, but would like to revert back, Facebook have set up a Profile to Page Migration Appeal. Fill in the form here.