10 Blogging Resources

22nd Feb, 2011

Writing a company blog takes a bit of time and effort. First you need to identify suitable topics, then craft a post which speaks to your readers. But there’s hundreds of blogs out there covering similar topics to yours, so not only do you have to write the post, but you also have to try and identify something new and different in the subject matter. Having a unique angle on stories will make your blog stand out from competitors. While trying to get on top of all this, you may also find yourself in the middle of a bout of writers block too. Thats a lot to think about.

I started blogging almost 3 years ago and I know only too well what happens when inspiration dries up. You haven’t posted in nearly a week and nothing is forthcoming. It’s writers block and there’s only one way to break through it, to sit down and write something, although it might take several attempts to write anything useable. You have to put finger to keys and type your way out.

Plenty of bloggers have found themselves in similar situations so I thought I’d put together some resources that deal with just about every problem bloggers face. From finding inspiration, to improving SEO, to writing better posts and improve your overall blogging performance.

1. 105 Tips to make Your Blog Rock

A very comprehensive list of tips, tricks and advice from Jeff Bullas and his army of readers. The post cover’s everything from SEO to using social media channels to promote your blog, some of the points are easy and straightforward to implement. Even if you have writers block I find doing some work on your blog, even if it’s just maintenance such as tidying up your blogroll, helps get you back in the frame of mind to start producing content.

2. 26 Ways to Enhance Your Blog Content

A very popular post from Social Media Examiner these 26 tips also suggest what to look for in a business blog theme, using Youtube, Infographics and the juxtaposition of existing blog posts to create a new post.

3. The Daily Post

The Daily Post is a project and a blog from WordPress. It’s aimed at encouraging bloggers to produce one post per day in 2011. I mentioned this a couple of months ago as the project was just starting up. Two months in, and 50+ tips later it’s building into a great body of work. Although more aimed at the personal blogger there’s still a few inspirational tips and challenges that would be of use to business bloggers too.

4. 100 Inspirational Posts to Make You a Better Writer

This list is two years old, but a lot of the information is still relevant. Not only does it provide tips and tricks on blogging but also useful advice on inspiration, productivity and what mistakes to avoid when writing posts.

5. 100 Sources of Blogging Inspiration

A long list of tips for finding some blogging inspiration. Some of the tips are a lot more useful than others, for example Twitter is listed as a source of information, but you could then just list Google as another source. Neither are really sources unless you know what you are looking for. The tips do tend to focus on personal blogging, but if you have writers block more often than not you will take inspiration from anywhere!

6. 10 Tips for Corporate Blogging

This list from Mashable provides a handy starting guide for any corporate blogger, from picking themes, to assembling teams and guidelines.

7. Go WordPress on Twitter

This Twitter account is updated several times a day with useful 140 character tips on blogging.

8. 5+7 Tips to Spark Blogging Inspiration

This post has 5 tips on scanning for ideas including looking at your own website analytics, comments and archives. It also includes 7 methods of filtering ideas to ensure only the best ones come to the fore.

9. Daily Blog Tips

A blog on blogging, written by a pro bloggers, what more could you want? The website is updated daily and features advice and help on almost every aspect of blogging you can think of. They also run a Friday Q&A session where readers can submit questions for the authors to answer.

10. Best Blogging Tips and Guides of 2010

Another list of lists, this time from Social Media Today, with the best business blogging guides of 2010. These cover tips on SEO, marketing your blog to identifying post topics.

Have I missed out on any resources you think are worth including? Use the comments below to leave any suggestions.