Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines

12th Apr, 2011

As a page admin the most important information to know is Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines. Fail to comply with these and you could find your page has been suspended or deleted by Facebook. If such an action is taken by Facebook you’re at their mercy, getting a page reinstated isn’t cheap!

Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines

This link brings you to the most recent draft of Facebooks Promotional Guidelines. Bookmark it. The page is updated every so often, maybe twice yearly.

Facebooks Promotional Guidelines Summary

There’s a few key points in the promotional guidelines you should be aware of.

• You cannot run competitions or promotions of any kind on the Wall

• To run competitions and promotions you must use an application

• Fans cannot be asked to Like a status update to enter a competition or avail of a promotion

• Fans can be requested to Like your Page to enter a competition

• Fans cannot be asked to post a status update to enter a competition.

• You cannot automatically enter fans into a competition or promotion if they Like your page, they must give consent to enter your competition.

• You cannot notify competition winners through Facebook chat, messages or through post updates.

• You can notify them through email. Apps will collect email addresses of entrants.

This is a summary, and the rules do change from time to time, although not drastically. Check out the full up-to-date set of Facebook Promotion Guidelines here.