Facebook Studio: The Best in Facebook Marketing

21st Apr, 2011


Earlier this week Facebook launched their Facebook Studio. It’s an online collection of the best marketing and advertising on Facebook. The studio is ideal for marketers, brand managers and owners, researchers and students to uncover gems of campaigns that may otherwise have been missed. Perfect for getting a little inspiration or finding the best in class Facebook marketing examples. As Facebook explain;

We’ve heard from agencies, brands and the marketing community that you want examples and thought-starters for creativity and innovation on Facebook. We’ve built this site to provide a place where you can come to be inspired and showcase your work.

Marketers can submit their work to the Gallery for review, if it’s accepted and it receives enough likes from the Facebook community the campaign will be permanently featured in the Spotlight section as the best marketing work on Facebook. Work that makes it this far will also be featured in the soon to be announced Facebook Studio Awards.

Learning Lab

The studio also features a Learning Lab where different Facebook marketing options are explained in videos and pdf’s. This covers the broad range of services from places and deals to pages and ads.

Visit the Facebook Studio website.