The Difference Between the Groupon Clones

5th May, 2011

In keeping with yesterdays post on what Facebook Deals really means for the Facebook platform I found this infographic which explains the differences between the main players in the daily deals market – Groupon, Living Social, Facebook Deals and Google Offers. This was produced by Online MBA for the US market and so Irish players like, Boards Deals and the soon too launch, backed by Independent News & Media, are obviously not included.

Daily Deals can work in certain circumstances, but their cost of the discount + sellers commission which can be as high as 50% of the sale price make them very expensive. What they have going for them is their marketing and distribution network, which businesses can take advantage of. A business cannot rely on these offers alone, and with 20 of these competing for business in Ireland alone, one has to wonder if there’s enough deals to go around.

View the infographic fullsize. Via.