Facebook’s Best Practise Guide

11th May, 2011

A year ago I wrote, on another blog, how Facebook would often make huge platform changes without giving any notice to businesses or developers. It angered a lot of people who depend on the platform for more than just social interaction. Since then however, Facebook has been on a huge PR drive not to only smooth out relations with developers, but also businesses, through Pages focused on marketing, advertising and even the new Facebook Studio and it’s Learning Lab. All of which are great resources for marketers to find out more about the Facebook platform.

Facebook’s Best Practise Guide

Another new resource is the Best Practice Guide for brands and marketers using Facebook. it provides a brief but concise overview of how to use the Facebook platform for different things like;

  • Product Development
  • Generating Awareness
  • Driving Preference and Differentiation
  • Increasing Traffic and Sales
  • Building Loyalty & Word of Mouth

It’s briefness may also position it more at new users, rather than seasoned pro’s. It’s heavy on the sales pitch too. Sponsored Stories and Like Ad’s seem to be the solution to everything.

Outside of this there’s the Five Guiding Principles, which could be attributed to social media in general and not just Facebook. There’s also 14 short case studies, some for brands you may never have heard of but these almost make it worth the read.

Download the Facebook Best Practise Guide.