A rebrand that didn’t beat the clock

posted on 11th Jan 2019

Toys "R" Us was an international toy company founded in April 1948 and went into bankruptcy in 2018. Before its demise, the design studio Lippincott was brought on board to refresh the identity in the hope of bringing it back to life and help it compete against the growing competition. The project encompassed a new look that aimed to unify Toys... Gimme More »

The January Effect

posted on 9th Jan 2019

I’m calling it “The January Effect” What is it about the start of a new year that makes us want to transform and start fresh. It's almost as if we want to kick off all traces of the last year and begin completely all over again - lose 10 pounds, get fit, dry January, etc... For the next month, we will replace our December splurges on... Gimme More »

SMEG – Technology with Style

posted on 8th Jan 2019

Coming from a design background, I have always been curious about the vintage shaped fridge with the peculiar name that seemed to be a must have for anyone that fancied themselves a lover of design. Why the design style? Why the name SMEG? What does it mean? We don’t always want to remember retro - whether that’s shaggy brown carpets... Gimme More »

All in a Name

posted on 7th Jan 2019

Arriving back at Dublin airport after your travels is never easy, especially when you have left the winter sunshine behind only to be replaced with the ever-present dull grey skies of Dublin. But something did manage to lift my spirits (momentarily at least!) while making the journey home after Christmas. The exhibition ‘All in a Name’ is... Gimme More »

Is Your Takeaway Coffee Worth It?

posted on 4th Jan 2019

Has a takeaway coffee moved from being a daily treat into an expensive habit? On 1st January 2019, Irish VAT increased from 9% to 13.5% on hospitality services. This increase effects restaurants, hotels and coffee shops and without a corresponding increase in prices, the increase would leave these businesses 4% worse off. Coffee chains such... Gimme More »

Why I will choose your competitor over you

posted on 3rd Jan 2019

Putting your customer first truly makes a difference On a recent trip to the US, I was exposed to 2 very different experiences from the same American airline. For whatever reason, the ticket purchased did not include a checked bag (on an international flight - are you kidding me?), nor did it allow me to choose a seat without shelling out... Gimme More »

Smart Speaker, Smart Branding

posted on 2nd Jan 2019

It’s first day back to work for 2019! Yet another Christmas has bitten the dust but it’s ok folks, just another 360 days until the madness of the next one. Even with all the advance notice, there was still the last minute trudge to cover everything and everyone on ‘The Xmas List’, trying to find that perfect present. Over the years,... Gimme More »

Christmas Cards from the Edge

posted on 19th Dec 2018

Shut up and shift me
Christmas time - soooomething, sooomething and wine! Tomorrow (the 20th) is the deadline for sending cards to your Irish pals (you are far too late for your friends out foreign. Forget them. They left you.) With that in mind, let’s have a look at the good, the bad and the tacky Christmas cards that our own Irish designers have created to satisfy... Gimme More »

Branding from the Inside Out – the power of employee brand engagement

posted on 18th Dec 2018

Employee engagement is pivotal to building successful brands. But are brand owners barking up the wrong tree when it comes to executing engagement strategies? In the US alone, over a $100 billion is spent annually to boost employee engagement and yet only 14% of employees are actually actively engaged. The result of this is a staggering $550... Gimme More »

What does Christmas Down Under taste like?

posted on 17th Dec 2018

Christmas is a funny thing Down Under. No one quite knows how best to celebrate it. The traditionalists try to mimic their European forefathers and put their turkeys in the oven, heating up the house nicely on a traditionally sweltering hot day and sweating their way through Christmas dinner. Nice! (That’s Aussie sarcasm by the way). Others... Gimme More »