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The Importance of Keeping Your Brand Fresh

24th Sep, 2018
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The Importance of Keeping Your Brand Fresh

Marketing communications have three main objectives:

  1. Inform your customers about your brand
  2. Persuade your customers why they should choose your brand over the competitors’ options
  3. Remind your customers constantly and consistently about what you do and what you stand for

Amongst all this, it’s important to keep the brand fresh and exciting in order to maintain interest from your target audience (made up of both your existing and potential customers).

Rebranding can be a daunting prospect but it’s a necessary consideration in order to ensure your brand stays current and continues to connect with your target demographic. Rebranding also allows you to overcome any possible negative associations that may arise and affect customer loyalty. It isn’t easy. Move too fast and you risk alienating existing loyal customers. Move too slow and the same could happen.


McDonald’s is a perfect example of how a rebrand can turn the tables on negative publicity. Following the Super Size Me documentary that highlighted the unhealthy side of McDonald’s, the fast food company saw a major drop in sales. As a result, McDonald’s needed a refresh. The company developed a healthy salad option and redesigned their outlets to be more contemporary and attractive. This major refresh turned the tables on the negative press and attracted a new audience whilst help maintain their existing customer base.


Coca-Cola is another example of a company that has kept their brand fresh and current throughout the years. From their simplistic full-red packaging to their seasonal adverts that change depending on the season or locations, their continuous refresh keeps the brand current and allows the customer to reconnect.

Xat Houatchanthara – Creative Director Visual Communications

Xat has specialised in building brands, from inception through to rollout to creating complex brand guidelines. In his role as Creative Director, Xat immerses himself in the complete branding process, acting as your brand guardian throughout each project, combining fresh, dynamic design concepts with sharp implementation.