POSTED BY: Steve Grunert

Is Craftsmanship Dead?

10th Sep, 2018
man checking a guitar

Is Craftsmanship Dead?

I’ve always had a real soft spot for anything that shows true craftsmanship. Nothing compares to the attention to detail of something handcrafted, whether it’s a precision handmade piece of boutique furniture or the sheer quality and longevity of a pair of handmade shoes. The precision and skill required always impresses me no end.

My passion for craftsmanship, aesthetics and playing the guitar culminated a few years ago in purchasing my first boutique handmade acoustic guitar from one of the world’s top makers – Santa Cruz Guitars. These American custom shop guitars are the Ferrari’s of the guitar world. Exquisitely tasteful instruments that are true works of art. Each instrument is made bespoke for the customer – created meticulously to the customer’s preference for fingerboard width, scale length, wood type and an endless amount of customization on aesthetics. Each time I open the plush-lined case, smell the tobacco-like aromas of the fine woods, admire the stylish aesthetic and hear the harmonically rich musicality I know I am holding something truly magical. When you play the guitar, you just know every detail is made for you.

So what has this got to do with design I hear you ask?

Well with the advent of €100 online graphic design services it makes you realise why what we do in Neworld is a different kettle of fish altogether – just like the difference between a €50 guitar and a handmade one. There really is no comparison. Neworld is the equivalent of a custom shop for graphic design. As with a custom guitar shop, we get to know our clients in great depth and every detail of the client’s requirements. Meticulously and painstakingly handcrafting our work – using our extensive experience to select the most suitable colour schemes, substrates and finishes to create designs with more than a dash of magic dust. When you know about design, you just know the difference. It’s like chalk and cheese.

When you pay for something handcrafted, what you get is something that is custom made for you – suiting your personality and values to a tee with every one of your needs catered for. And just as a €50 guitar may damage your street cred, so can a €100 design be damaging and costly to your business. There’s no cheap route to getting it right, and getting it right will help your business prosper and with the right support flourish. Is craftsmanship dead? Not around here anyway, at Neworld it’s alive and kicking.

Steve Grunert, Creative Director.
Steve has a wealth of experience working some of Ireland’s most successful brands such as Flahavan’s, Barry’s Tea, Glenisk, Franciscan Well Brewery, Irish Pride, The Jelly Bean Factory and Aldi Supermarkets to name but a few. His love of all things food has helped him guide clients to the right packaging solutions, helping them to find their own distinct point of difference on shelf. If he’s not slaving away the latest packaging solution he’ll be out the back, firing up the barbeque and feeding the Neworld troops full of gourmet delights!