POSTED BY: Rita Gomes

Optical Illusions

2nd Oct, 2018
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They say “seeing is believing,” but can you really trust what you see?

I’ve come across many surprises with visuals while surfing the internet or even working, that have made me like 😕😳😲😡😱.

Classic optical illusions, baffling viral photos and mind-boggling designs that have my head spinning illustrate how our brains process and interpret colour, peripheral vision, size and more.

We all remember the huge debate a few years ago – #thedress. People were divided firmly into two camps: the white and gold and the blue and black – with each thinking the other is completely wrong (I was on black and blue team, thank god).

So what was going on with everybody’s eyes?
In simplest terms, it all has to do with how your brain processes colour. Basically, light bounces off objects in the world and reaches your eyes in “a mix of wavelengths,” which your brain then interprets as colour.

How many dark spots can you see?

I didn’t even realise it at first, but a lot of the techniques that I come across when working on an interface, logo or illustration are in fact optical illusions!


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