Branding from the heart

posted on 19th Mar 2019

Shortly after Christmas, after years of constant badgering, my son finally got his wish - a pet. Not for us the Cockapoo or French Bulldog. No, my son chose the “dog of the reptile world”, a baby bearded dragon. He was a handsome chap. His pelt was vibrant yellow with flaming orange markings. So we called him Blaze. During the first... Gimme More »

Brand Stretch – The Odd Couple

posted on 14th Mar 2019

Sometimes a brand can become so synonymous with a particular product, it can be difficult to imagine it being used on anything else. It’s understandable that when a brand is successful, a decision is made to allow it to be licensed on different products. This can be both a related, relevant product and also completely unrelated product. Referred... Gimme More »

Edible-insect packaging: It’s worm in here!

posted on 12th Mar 2019

Zirp insects: Front and back of box.
What is highly nutritious, low in fat, environmentally sustainable, popular with 2 billion people worldwide and has six legs? The original superfood! Edible-insects might be the protein of the future - can tasteful packaging help us stomach that? The earth's population is predicted to swell beyond 9 billion by 2050, further draining the... Gimme More »

Eclectic Style of Art and Architecture at Its Best

posted on 11th Mar 2019

I recently visited the beautiful city of Murcia in the South of Spain and took some time to visit a most stunning building of “Real Casino of Murcia”. If you are a bit confused by the name and think it is a place to gamble – like me, you would be very wrong. Murcia’s resplendent casino first opened as a gentlemen’s club in 1847.... Gimme More »

What’s in a name? Taxi!

posted on 8th Mar 2019

When Hailo came on the scene in Dublin it was an instant success. Founded in London in 2011, the taxi ordering app was simple and brilliantly clever. Order your taxi on the app with the push of a button, Hailo then knew where you were. And you could also see where they were and how long till it arrived! Gone were the frustrating “Where’s my... Gimme More »

When is the time right to update your packaging?

posted on 7th Mar 2019

Keeping your packaging fresh and up to date will keep your brand where you want it to be. Seen, purchased and loved by your target audience. And as you probably know by now, you may currently be the brand leader but it’s only a matter of time before your competitors are nipping at your heels. So, if your competitor has just refreshed, and you... Gimme More »

5 Questions to ask a prospective web agency

posted on 5th Mar 2019

The process of selecting an agency to work on your website can be challenging. There are many web agencies out there, how do you choose a good one? More importantly, how do you guarantee that the agency you select is the best fit for your company? Here are five questions your organization should be asking when investigating prospective web... Gimme More »

Coco after Lagerfeld

posted on 4th Mar 2019

February 19, 2019. The fashion industry mourns the loss of a true icon, as the news that Karl Lagerfeld has passed away hits the industry and filters down through the mainstream media. Amongst the sadness and tributes, there were stirs. What would happen to Chanel? Chanel and fashion are almost synonymous at this stage, the 110 year-old... Gimme More »

Brands that compliment and brands that complement

posted on 1st Mar 2019

It's World Compliment Day! A day when people show extra appreciation to those they come into contact with by dishing out sincere personal compliments. The holiday began as ‘National Compliment Day’ in the Netherlands but the creators quickly decided it should go global and so they began World Compliment Day in 2011. Their goal was to make... Gimme More »

Less grey, more play… Dublin Canvas

posted on 27th Feb 2019

Injecting colour and energy into our streets, transforming the city’s landscape and bringing the joy of art to the people… Dublin Canvas is a community art project that delivers on so many levels. The project takes previously dull public spaces and transforms them into works of art. Showcasing the talents of people from all walks of life.... Gimme More »