Three, Two, One, Lift off

posted on 28th Mar 2019

Voyager Blog
On Tuesday of this week, the United States vice president Mike Pence delivered a space policy speech that called for American men and women to return to the Moon by 2024. Despite the understandable doubt that has been cast on the viability of this plan, (because there isn’t a plan or a budget) it is a hopeful time in space travel. Earlier... Gimme More »

Instagram your brand

posted on 26th Mar 2019

Instagram has more than 1 billion active users, it boasts higher engagement rates than any other social media platform. With the right strategy you can make Instagram work for your brand. Using hashtags Using hashtags on Instagram can increase user engagement - one hashtag averages 12% more engagement than a post without one. It’s a great way... Gimme More »

Bringing Digital Art to Life

posted on 25th Mar 2019

Bringing Digital Art to Life When we think of the traditional methods of painting and the necessary tools that artists need to work their craft we think of brushes and paint, canvases and paper. And for me, much of the mood and magic in painting happens when you dip your brush in the paint, lift it to the canvas and the image that you see in... Gimme More »

Street Cred

posted on 22nd Mar 2019

Getting from A to B has got a lot cooler! Gone is the humble skateboard and scooter, sweating profusely as you pound the pavement down the street... Instead we now have silent electric powered scooters, unicycles or hover-boards. A lot of fun and not a bad way to get from A to B specially if it's your commute to work! I've... Gimme More »

Make the logo bigger

posted on 21st Mar 2019

Kellogg recently underwent a rebrand. Perhaps the largest in its 113 year history. Tom Seymour wrote a nice piece in Creative Review describing the new packs: “The revamped packs – which include brands such as Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut and Kellogg’s Coco Pops – feature ‘bold and striking colours’ to make the... Gimme More »

Lost In Space

posted on 20th Mar 2019

Myspace hit the headlines this week for having lost 12 years worth of music. It wasn't the work of hackers, but instead a server migration error. This must be devastating to some artists, while others may have forgotten they’d ever uploaded anything 12 years ago. It got me thinking - I’ve really taken for granted my online presence and even... Gimme More »

Branding from the heart

posted on 19th Mar 2019

Shortly after Christmas, after years of constant badgering, my son finally got his wish - a pet. Not for us the Cockapoo or French Bulldog. No, my son chose the “dog of the reptile world”, a baby bearded dragon. He was a handsome chap. His pelt was vibrant yellow with flaming orange markings. So we called him Blaze. During the first... Gimme More »

Brand Stretch – The Odd Couple

posted on 14th Mar 2019

Sometimes a brand can become so synonymous with a particular product, it can be difficult to imagine it being used on anything else. It’s understandable that when a brand is successful, a decision is made to allow it to be licensed on different products. This can be both a related, relevant product and also completely unrelated product. Referred... Gimme More »

Edible-insect packaging: It’s worm in here!

posted on 12th Mar 2019

Zirp insects: Front and back of box.
What is highly nutritious, low in fat, environmentally sustainable, popular with 2 billion people worldwide and has six legs? The original superfood! Edible-insects might be the protein of the future - can tasteful packaging help us stomach that? The earth's population is predicted to swell beyond 9 billion by 2050, further draining the... Gimme More »

Eclectic Style of Art and Architecture at Its Best

posted on 11th Mar 2019

I recently visited the beautiful city of Murcia in the South of Spain and took some time to visit a most stunning building of “Real Casino of Murcia”. If you are a bit confused by the name and think it is a place to gamble – like me, you would be very wrong. Murcia’s resplendent casino first opened as a gentlemen’s club in 1847.... Gimme More »