POSTED BY: Rita Gomes

Inclusive Branding

18th Jan, 2019
girl holding a lip liner

Faith in humanity restored! Benefit Cosmetics Ireland has recently chosen Irish model Kate Grant, who has Down Syndrome, as the fresh face for its campaign to promote the brand’s new ‘Roller Liner’. It’s a glorious day when you come across inspiring news like this. Recently, we’re seeing more and more brands make a deliberate effort to include people with physical differences and it’s a breath of fresh air. Brands are lifting stigmas of  “looking different” and embracing inclusivity in various industries. 

And it’s catching on! Like this bridal shop in the UK that included a mannequin in a wedding dress sitting in a wheelchair. The boutique decorated the wheelchair instead of hiding it – celebrating all brides no matter their physical difference!

Brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Asos are also using models with physical differences – initiating a new era of mainstream brands that are slowly coming round to “adaptive clothing.”

And Primark has recently run an ad that included a model with vitiligo, receiving a lot of positive feedback. 

Not only are we seeing such positive feedback from consumers, but we’re also seeing brands show empathy and go against the grain. People with disabilities are consumers like everyone else and they should be represented. I hope to see more brands follow in their footsteps.



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