POSTED BY: Veronica Dooley

All in a Name

7th Jan, 2019
arty headshots

Arriving back at Dublin airport after your travels is never easy, especially when you have left the winter sunshine behind only to be replaced with the ever-present dull grey skies of Dublin. But something did manage to lift my spirits (momentarily at least!) while making the journey home after Christmas.

The exhibition ‘All in a Name’ is one of the many installations throughout the airport terminals which aim to present passengers with a real sense of Ireland’s culture and history. It’s a striking collection of photographs telling the history of some of the country’s most famous surnames. Using portraits of eight real-life people, the images depict some of the history associated with their popular surnames.

Dublin Airport managing director Vincent Harrison said the airport provides the first welcome and last goodbye to the island of Ireland for tens of millions of people every year. “It is estimated that up to 80 million people around the world have Irish surnames,” he said. “However, the myths and legends associated with them are not known.”

The images of eight people from Ulster, Connacht, Leinster and Munster were captured by renowned photographer Trevor Hart, who has also worked with us here in Neworld many times. Stunning location shots were then merged with the portraits by talented photo retoucher, Dona Gorska. Historians Fiona Fitzsimons and Paul McCoter-Eneclann then compiled the historical narratives of each of the surnames. The myths and legends linked to the Byrne’s of Dublin and the Murphy’s from Wexford, for example, are brought to life in these intriguing images with tales of kings and queens, castles and crowns.

Images for the Burke, Byrne, McCarthy and Murphy names

Dublin Airport has done a great job in recent years in recognizing that passengers are looking for more than just a functional space to pass through and that the airport environment offers a unique opportunity to create a positive and lasting impression. Through arts and culture exhibitions like this installation, the airport is building their own brand personality and establishing a lasting and deeper connection with their passengers.

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