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Cold Pressed to Impress

7th Feb, 2019

Cold Pressed to Impress

It is the end of January and we are still in the realm of New Year Resolutions. Everything from ‘Operation Transformation’ to ‘Dry January’, renewed Gym memberships and Vegan lifestyles have all been mooted as suggestions for a ‘New Year, New You’. These are all very well-meaning but for the most part can be a little difficult to maintain in the long term, even with the best of intentions. It might be a suggestion to try smaller steps to a healthier 2019 and this may be in the guise of something quite simple.

One such solution is a recent addition to the supermarket shelf – a growing category of fruit and/or veg based drinks known as Cold Pressed Juices. This particular type of juice process has been around for a number of years but up until now has been quite niche, normally being the prevail of health food stores and their ilk. It is only recently that the benefits of cold pressed juice have become more widely appreciated, especially with the opening of more and more health-themed juice bars that specialise in these ranges. These bars also have quite a strong branding in their own right, featuring their own branded bottles.

Subsequently, bottled pressed juices are becoming more prevalent in the larger stores and supermarkets, becoming a sub-category in their own right. Brands such as Savse, Keelings, Sisu, Tropicana, The Juice Works, Alchemy are now all available. Even Starbucks has launched their own pressed juice under the sub-brand Evolution Fresh in the U.S.


Why Cold Pressed?

Heat and oxygen are the main reason nutrition is lost during a standard juice press process. The cold press method however often uses a Hydraulic press, where the fruit or vegetables are pulped gently and thoroughly. This process creates very little air or heat, thus allowing almost all the vitamins, enzymes and minerals to be retained when pulped, leading to a smooth and highly nutritious, healthy drink. The process can also kill bacteria safely, allowing longer-term freshness.

A typical drink can contain a variety of product, an example being Spinach, Kale, Mint, Cucumber, Parsley, Apple and Ginger, which is probably more palatable as a drink than a meal. There are even more adventurous concoctions featuring Turmeric and Charcoal if that whets your appetite, these in a friendly shot format.

These juices are not the miracle cure-all, but the variety of content allied with the highly nutritious benefits are a great start to healthier intentions. So no excuses, it’s 2019 and brands have made cold pressed Beetroot, Spinach, Kale and Wheatgrass a juicy go-go.

Down the hatch!


Sean Deignan, Senior Production Artist

Sean is a Senior Production Artist at Neworld. He is responsible for the handling of major brand name projects from brief to final production, and for taking design concepts and working them to fully finished packaging and literature ready for print. He has worked with a variety of brands including Barry’s Tea, Glenisk, Arrabawn, The Jelly Bean Factory and Irish Pride.