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The January Effect

9th Jan, 2019
Buddha saying

I’m calling it “The January Effect”

What is it about the start of a new year that makes us want to transform and start fresh. It’s almost as if we want to kick off all traces of the last year and begin completely all over again – lose 10 pounds, get fit, dry January, etc…

For the next month, we will replace our December splurges on prosecco and fancy craft beer with January inspired quinoa and chia seeds. New gym memberships will multiply as we plan our new body transformations. Yoga classes will be signed up for as we endeavour to become more zen this year.

Tv gets in on the act with RTÉs Operation Transformation, yet another reason to start that diet and more pressure to change!

Me, I’m going to take a leaf out of my inspired ‘Chris Kindle’ present. A book on mindfulness. My New Year’s resolution is to ignore the January effect and abandon any idea of resolutions that only focus on success or failure. Instead, I’m focusing on a New Years intention – to focus on all the positive and be mindful of all that’s great. No success or failure just a journey.


Though to ease the pain there’s always the non-alcoholic alternatives


Hang in there, only 23 days until the Six Nations kickoff!!!

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