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Interview: The Art of Foodstyling with Johan van der Merwe

posted on 30th Jan 2019

Johan van der Merwe is one of our "go to" food and drink stylists here at Neworld. His beautifully loose, effortless style brings a delicious flair to the shots his work produces. He has worked with prestigious brands like Guinness, Jameson, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Heinz, KFC and Aldi to name but a few. As a Chef he holds a BA in... Gimme More »

Hot food in cold weather

posted on 3rd Dec 2018

Exactly 5 months ago, I traded the sunny shores of India for the cobbled streets of Dublin. So far I haven't been doing too bad adjusting to the rainy Irish weather and the interesting cultural mishmash. Dabbling in the different music and arts has been fun so far.  However, while I have been open to trying out different foods, my palate takes... Gimme More »

Attract Millennials to your Brand: Reduce Packaging Waste, Increase Recyclability

posted on 12th Nov 2018

A definite hot topic in 2018 in the world of packaging is packaging waste. I was recently at a Bord Bia hosted night about the buying habits of millennials and how to attract their business. It spoke in depth on how this age group places great importance on the ethics and recyclability of the brands they purchase. So if your brand is to appeal to... Gimme More »

Harvey Nichols Food Collection – Style With Substance

posted on 6th Nov 2018

This year has seen the rollout of a completely reimagined range of food packaging solutions for Harvey Nichols. It is replacing the iconic monochrome photography packaging that has, without doubt, stood the test of time, having been launched more than 20 years ago. For an own brand range that is quite a legacy and achievement. Own brand ranges... Gimme More »

Spooky Craft Beers

posted on 31st Oct 2018

Tiz the season of leaves falling, dressing up in costumes and asking neighbours for sweets and treats. But if you don't wish to dress up as a Vampire or Frankenstein and go knocking on doors does not mean you can't enjoy a treat or two on Halloween. Here are some dark spooky craft beers for you to try if you're not too scared: Black Wych... Gimme More »

Drinking with celebrities

posted on 11th Oct 2018

With the launch of Conor McGregors “Proper No. Twelve Whiskey” there’s a growing trend with celebrities to create their own range of spirit drinks. It definitly launched to mixed reviews and some would say a cynical exercise to cash in on his current fame. Lots of celebrities have tried this to lesser or greater success; Danny Devito’s... Gimme More »

Perfect Packaging for Pets

posted on 5th Oct 2018

3 noteworthy trends in Pet Food that are influencing brands and the packaging they produce We all love our pets and I will certainly admit to the ridiculous adoration I hold for my very happy albeit over-fed cat. And it seems I’m not the only one who holds man's best friend and their feline counterparts in high esteem - Ireland appears to truly... Gimme More »

Packaging Design – Not just for profit

posted on 20th Sep 2018

Consumers' ever-evolving tastes and attitudes often influence a packaging update or complete redesign. Recently, a famous U.S. brand ‘Barnum's Animal Crackers’ updated their iconic design due to pressure from PETA. The previous design represented a number of circus animals living in their cages. At the time of the original design in the... Gimme More »

Using Pastels for Packaging Impact

posted on 17th Sep 2018

Today on shelf, it is easy to find packaging using a variety of different colours, substrates and finishes. Of these, colour use is normally confined to using the full-colour process palette. This includes Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black along with the use of Pantone colours. However, one of the more underrated uses of colour on packaging is... Gimme More »

Why become a packaging designer?

posted on 21st Aug 2018

I love all aspects of design - from interiors to textiles to architecture, so I automatically find my job as a packaging designer fun and interesting. At art college, I found the concept and research part of a project the most engaging and that hasn’t changed. Following an internship, I was fortunate to land a role as a junior designer with a... Gimme More »