POSTED BY: Trish Brady

Packaging Gold

26th Jul, 2018

I am a lover of cosmetics and makeup… Sephora is my Disney when on holidays – I get jittery and excited before entering its doors!

My love of make-up goes back to watching my maternal Grandmother beautifying herself. I remember being mesmerised by her. I coveted her Estée Lauder Compact. She would fish it out of her handbag, open it, remove the puff and apply the product to her face, check herself out in the little mirror and SNAP it shut. She never let me near it. It was her pride and joy and could be re-filled. Sigh, that packaging was just beautiful.

Let’s take a moment…

The current GOD of high-end cosmetic packaging, in my book, is Tom Ford [*genuflects to kiss his feet]. Anything with his name on I love!  Judge for yourself and look at the slide-show below. And next time you frequent a luxury cosmetics counter go in search of Mr Ford and take a sniff, a sample, a moment and if you’re using one of his compacts or luscious lipsticks, in its glorious gold packaging, think of my grandmother – SNAP.

Trish Brady, UI Designer

Trish looks after digital design and creative development at Neworld, bringing a wealth of experience and insight to every project. When she’s not at her desk she can be found lurking at a Tom Ford counter channelling her grandmother with various compacts, puffs and brushes!