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Spooky Craft Beers

31st Oct, 2018
spooky ale bottles

Tiz the season of leaves falling, dressing up in costumes and asking neighbours for sweets and treats. But if you don’t wish to dress up as a Vampire or Frankenstein and go knocking on doors does not mean you can’t enjoy a treat or two on Halloween.

Here are some dark spooky craft beers for you to try if you’re not too scared:

Black Wych from Wychwood Brewing Company

Located in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, she may be a witch without a season but it stands to reason that this Black Wych is, of course, most comfortable around the witching days of Halloween. It’s a dark rich caramel sweetness, a pinch of robust roast, and just a stitch of hoppy bitterness. It’s a spell that can’t be stopped and will pair wonderfully with all the chocolatey treats the kids bring home.


Harvest Time from Big Boss Brewing

Located in North Carolina, United States. This is a Subtly Spiced Fall ale Brewed with Real Pumpkin that will evoke memories of holidays and family. It is brewed with there own proprietary blend of spices that will make this one of the best-received pumpkin ales available.


Spooks Ale from Shepherd Neame Ltd

Located in Kent, England. A classic beer of true quality, Spooks Ale is characterised by its huge biscuity malt palate, derived from three traditional roasted barley malts used in this brew, giving a glorious deep red hue. The excitingly complex malty flavours are wonderfully balanced by a huge citrusy, hoppy bitterness and aroma from a particularly fruity hop added at four stages in the brewing process.

Pumpkin Stout from Wasatch Brewery

Located in Utah, United States. Pumpkin stouts are a nice variation on the sugared-up amber ales that normally get the pumpkin treatment. Black O’Lantern has a dusty dry spice feel to it with a good dose of chocolate and clove flavour. The sweetness stays with you to the end while a slight bitterness balances it out. I don’t know why more breweries haven’t abandoned traditional pumpkin beers altogether to make pumpkin stouts, but then again I don’t know many breweries that can make a stout like Wasatch.


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