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Harvey Nichols Food Collection – Style With Substance

6th Nov, 2018
harvey nichols food collection packaging

Harvey Nichols Food Collection – Style With Substance

This year has seen the rollout of a completely reimagined range of food packaging solutions for Harvey Nichols. It is replacing the iconic monochrome photography packaging that has, without doubt, stood the test of time, having been launched more than 20 years ago. For an own brand range that is quite a legacy and achievement.

Own brand ranges do tend to see continuous change and reinvention but Harvey Nichols previous packaging range has long been respected as a design solution that has not only been very successful for Harvey Nichols but has influenced packaging designers through its groundbreaking approach taken at the time. The product image was replaced with an unexpected photograph which in some way allows us to recognise the product. This gave more premium cues and brought food packaging into new territory.


The new design, however, is a glorious creation bringing fashion and food together – what the creators, Smith +Village, have described as bringing the first and fifth floor closer together. What a super idea to link aspirational and desirable fashion with this very pleasing collection of Harvey Nichols foods.


At a glance, and I hope I will be forgiven for suggesting some of the range looks quite like very high-end cosmetics or stylish fashion items. This is very clever as they are obviously tapping into the mindset of their target market and their desire to buy beautiful things and to appreciate what makes a statement.

This packaging substrates and print finishes look superb. The clever Harvey Nichols ‘HN’ pattern is used very effectively with strong, bold colours and the tone of voice is fun and irreverent. The end result I believe is a very savvy and desirable range.

Looking forward to seeing how this design and fashion led solution extends as the new collection for their upcoming Christmas range.

Photo cred: Smith +Village



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