POSTED BY: Fiona O’Farrell

Ice Cool Seduction

20th Jun, 2018

There has been a bit of talk about Svalbardi. A luxury brand that is marketing itself as a gift you can enjoy, ” yourself, with colleagues, friends, or loved ones”

The packaging consists of an elegant clear glass bottle with a tapered neck and a wooden cap decorated with a carved snowflake. The bottle is protected within a metallic blue and silver drum. The serif type and tagline, “The taste of snow in air” all suggest ‘exclusive sophistication’. This is luxury packaging and at a cost of €74.95 you may be forgiven in thinking that this is a new craft Scandi vodka. But no, it’s water. Water with very limited availability – 4000 year old iceberg water. If you don’t mind melting more of the ice-caps and are rich and willing enough to pay €74.95 for 750ml of something the Polar Bears get un-bottled free of charge, you’ve probably been seduced by the luxury packaging.

Our packaging design team here at Neworld visited Packaging Innovations and Luxury Packaging in London last September and met with some fellow packaging designers and innovators.

We had the opportunity to see first hand some beautiful packaging, with access to cutting-edge printers and manufacturers that could help us get the right solutions for our clients. As with all our clients, from luxury to FMCG, presenting your product in the most attractive way to your target market is going to be a huge part of your success as a brand, whether your bottled water costs €74.95 or €0.95. I think we were all seduced by some of the innovative and outstanding packaging solutions.

Fiona joined Neworld as a packaging designer in 2016. Her agency brand and packaging experience includes work for Kerry Foods, Boyne-Valley, Deep River Rock, Fruice, The Dalata Hotel Group, Dunnes Stores and Aldi.