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The Case of Midleton Whiskey

31st Jul, 2018

The Case of Midleton Whiskey

Those of you who don’t know Midleton Rare, it is an Irish whiskey distilled in East Cork in the same distillery where Jameson is made, Co. Cork Midleton.

Each bottle is individually numbered and signed by the Master Distiller, and is sold in an accompanying wooden display case. The cheapest bottle you can buy is 180 euros and the rest go into the 1000’s because they are released in very limited quantities, making the whiskey both collectable and expensive.

I actually have never tasted any of their whiskeys even though my family has a bottle of the 2014 edition (like seen above). It has been sitting in the ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ cabinet that also has those fancy plates that are being saved in case the pope calls to the door, that type of cabinet. I always admired their cases and its presentation of the bottle. You feel like Indiana Jones opening up the box and having that glowing whiskey staring back at you.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but in this case, I was doing exactly that for this whiskey. Without even tasting it, the packaging projects a quality of whiskey that you know will be outstanding. I have to wonder what type of budget they’re working with or if there is even a budget for the packaging design! Another great example is the 2017 edition Midelton released last year which is seen below.

Two weeks ago my friends and I actually chipped in and bought a bottle of Midleton Rare for our friend who was turning 30, and it reminded me again of how impressive whiskey packaging can be. Unfortunately, I did not have the honour to try this whiskey as he “was saving it for a special occasion.” However, he was very grateful and I suppose that also adds to the prestige of the whiskey of saving it and not just having it for no reason. As a packaging designer, I look forward to what Midleton whiskey bring out next for their 2018 edition and how they will make it more impressive than the last. If you wish to look at the rest of their products click here to see the rest of their impressing packaging labels and cases.

 *If you do try Midleton please don’t have it with a coke or ginger ale. It would be an insult to the whiskey and those who made it. Have it straight and absorb its true flavour.


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