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Branding gets spiritual

23rd Aug, 2018
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Branding gets spiritual

A couple of weeks ago I found myself dropping in on one of my favourite haunts in Dublin, Glasnevin Cemetery. You see, every once in a while a friend comes to town, and where better to get a crash course in Irish History than our very own City of the Dead! In this case, it was my sister Kathleen visiting from my home of NYC. And you know something, I think she got it. (Might have been the few pints at The Gravediggers ‘post tour’.)

In case you haven’t been there, it’s a museum as well as a cemetery, where you can learn all about the history of Ireland and creation of the State as we know it. But what’s really interesting, especially in a country like Ireland, is that the cemetery is non-denominational. This quickly becomes apparent when you start honing in on the graphic symbols representing a myriad of different religions – all bound together in this one single resting place.  

It was during this last visit that I had one of those ‘aha’ moments. Finally, after so many times staring at the “Religion Wall” (as I call it), the penny dropped.

(Courtesy of Martello Media Ltd. Dublin)

It’s amazing how, over the millennia, religion has pitted us against each other, yet it uses the same principles of design to unite us. Each religion has its own unique point of difference, yet in some strange way, we all use the common language of branding to tell the world why we are different. From the Christian Cross to the Star of David to the Taoist Yin Yang the simplicity of each symbol evokes a powerful story that speaks volumes without even uttering a word. You could say it’s the religious version of the Nike ‘tick’. Go there and visit for yourself, you never know, you might get some divine intervention!


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