POSTED BY: Glenn Bolton

Sleeping Flags

19th Feb, 2019
Irish Flag sleeping bag

Not too long ago, while sipping on a flat white. Gazing out a café window and people watching, a poster caught my eye. Why? Well it’s been a while since a poster has cut through the noise of blockbusters, pantos, politicians and protest placards.
Humbly sitting shoulder to shoulder with these posters, its monotone message simply read “You are passing my bed for the night”. Instantly struck with sorrow, I pondered on how well this poster had worked. Simple, concise, crafted. When design is done well it can wield a lot of power. It’s easy to forget the effect your design or message can have on the world.

Last week, news of a new campaign fighting a similar cause was in the media. The Organisation of National Ex-Service Personnel (ONE) are aiming to raise public awareness and support for homeless Defence Forces veterans through a campaign that will see them in specially-created tricolour sleeping bags around the streets of Dublin. In the sleeping flags are veterans from the Defence Forces, including some who have been homeless and have accessed services run by ONE.

Simple, concise, crafted and considered. This campaign in my opinion is very effective. I hope they achieve what they set out to. I’ll do my part by sharing this with you all.
And yes, yes, the whole vexillology thing is becoming a theme.

Glenn Bolton – Senior Graphic Designer
Glenn has been waving the flag for Neworld for 5 years now. Not so new to our design team anymore. He’s our resident craft beer aficionado, wannabe Michelin star chef, photographer of yummy foods, maker of tiny things, Dublin tour guide and a proprietor of one of the swankiest single speed bikes around town.