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Happy Birthday Bauhaus

18th Feb, 2019
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Happy Birthday Bauhaus

Bauhaus celebrates a milestone 100th birthday this year. It’s style is still relevant to design today – marriage of form and function is still the back bone of taste and sophistication. Bauhaus pieces were designed to be functional above all other qualities, stripped down to their basic elements and reduced to simple geometric forms. This is evident in all Bauhaus pieces, but more so in the Bauhaus buildings in Dessau. 

Bauhaus Buildings – Dessau

Dessau in Germany is famous for its UNESCO world heritage Bauhaus buildings. The school was founded 1919 by Walter Gropius in Weimar. In 1925 they moved to Dessau and from there to Berlin, where the school was finally shut down by the Nazis.

During their few years in Dessau they resided in the four master’s houses created by Gropius and built in the typical Bauhaus style. Two of the master’s houses were destroyed in the WWII bombings. The surviving buildings were left in declining condition and were restored in 1990. In 2013 the two destroyed houses of Gropius and Moholy-Nagy were reconstructed in a modern way, but in agreement with the original style.

Photographed by Ralph Gräf

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