POSTED BY: Pat Kinsley

Simple Design That Can Change a City

22nd Oct, 2018

Simple Design That Can Change a City

Known as America’s ‘coolest city’, Portland, Oregon is the city of hipsters, vegans and ‘weirdos’. This Northwestern town smells of malt from the countless breweries and everyone owns a dog – adopted, of course. And a new trend has found its way to Portland. During my recent trip, it was hard to miss the copious amounts of scooters lining the curbs and darting along bike paths.

According to the Portland Bureau of Transportation, the city is “conducting a four-month pilot for Shared Electric Scooters. The pilot will help PBOT staff determine whether Shared Electric Scooters contribute to the City’s mobility, equity, safety, and climate action goals.”

Photo cred: Portland Bureau of Transportation

What a genius idea! I was amazed by the easy access to these scooters and how their popularity has grown like crazy. Typically companies require customers to download an app or text a number to unlock the scooter. To end a trip, you simply park the scooter on the curb. No scooter rack, nothing to lock them to.

We all know the Razor Scooter, with its popularity taking off in the early 2000s. Then someone decided to attach an eco-friendly motor to the scooter and now it’s changing the transportation landscape. Maybe sometime soon we’ll see this concept hitting major cities here in Ireland, replacing the successful Dublinbikes scheme.



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