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I vote for better election posters!

30th Oct, 2018
Obama Election Poster

I vote for better election posters!

While doing my civic duty and heading to the polls Friday morning I couldn’t help but question ‘those posters’, whose sole purpose is to entice, sway or confirm my opinion.

Why do they all look the same? Why are they so outdated? Why don’t they actually consider the power of design?

Perhaps I’m slightly jaded as my life is inextricably linked with branding and I scrutinise everything. Nevertheless, I believe I’m not the only one.

Even a little consideration goes a long way – looking at photography quality, backgrounds, language, structure, fonts. They can turn average (or worse) communications into something really powerful, evoke a feeling and make a connection. Isn’t that the point?

Our international counterparts are giving a lot more attention to this medium, understanding its value.

It’s interesting to see how things have changed over time:

Dear Ireland,

Please call me. I’d like to help.

Thanks, Mary


Mary Helow, Senior Account Director

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