POSTED BY: Rita Gomes

Halloween Fever!

1st Nov, 2018
Banksy shredded teeshirt

For some, All Hallows’ Eve may not be a big deal, but for others it is. I was born in a country that didn’t celebrate Halloween. It’s something that only started to pick up in recent year due to American tv shows and horror movies. When I moved to Ireland, I started to see the buzz in the whole Halloween thing. I was quite surprised to know that this is its birthplace and that it’s based on pagan/Celtic culture. But enough about history. I like Halloween because you can get creative. From the pumpkin carving, the house decorations and especially the costumes, it’s amazing the ideas that people can come up with.

Early this month Banksy singlehandedly drew the world’s attention to the art sphere with a stunt no one was waiting for. He prepared meticulously for years that when the artwork “Girl with Balloon” would be sold in auction he would activate remotely a shredder.
The artwork was sold for US$1.4 million, and now it has been christened “Love is in the Bin”. Of course, someone had to pull off some Halloween inspiration from it, and oh boy did they deliver!

Here are some more pop culture-inspired costumes that I thought were very creative!



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