Happy Birthday Bauhaus

posted on 18th Feb 2019

Bauhaus celebrates a milestone 100th birthday this year. It’s style is still relevant to design today - marriage of form and function is still the back bone of taste and sophistication. Bauhaus pieces were designed to be functional above all other qualities, stripped down to their basic elements and reduced to simple geometric forms. This is... Gimme More »

G🔺ME CH🔺NGER 15–🔺2–19

posted on 15th Feb 2019

Product Life Cycle Almost all products have a specific life span known in marketing terms as the Product Life Cycle. This cycle spans the duration of the product from the time that it's launched to the time that it exits the market. Some products never actually exit the market, with marketers learning over time and through exacting research how... Gimme More »

What’s love got to do with it?

posted on 13th Feb 2019

It's that time of year... For one week only, shelves are fully stocked with roses, teddies and greeting cards. When we hear the words ‘love’ and ‘brand’ we automatically think of romantic items like special chocolates, flowers, perfumes, jewellery, fine wines, foods or even the likes of the tantalising Victoria’s Secret. For many... Gimme More »

How to Paint a Portrait

posted on 12th Feb 2019

One of my favourite programs kicked off on Sky Arts this week and it's well worth a watch whether you are an artist or not. Sky Arts 'Portrait Artist of the Year' invites professional and amateur artists to produce a portrait painting of famous sitters. The panel of judges select the eventual winner through several rounds where they will receive... Gimme More »

Quality control for the age of information overload

posted on 8th Feb 2019

We are consuming a huge amount of information every single day. Social media, online newspapers, blogs from think they know-it-all accountants, news bulletins. It can be a little a little overwhelming at times and can make filtering out bias and falsehoods difficult if not impossible. It is important to work on developing a strong internal... Gimme More »

Cold Pressed to Impress

posted on 7th Feb 2019

It is the end of January and we are still in the realm of New Year Resolutions. Everything from ‘Operation Transformation’ to ‘Dry January’, renewed Gym memberships and Vegan lifestyles have all been mooted as suggestions for a ‘New Year, New You’. These are all very well-meaning but for the most part can be a little difficult to... Gimme More »

Employee Engagement

posted on 4th Feb 2019

Following on a recent blog posted by Anita Kerr and myself, I have since come across some more interesting facts on employee engagement from an H.R. prospective. A key element to managing employees in an efficient manner is having simple, clear goals that create clarity, alignment and job satisfaction. It is important to create clarity around what... Gimme More »

Dinner violation for Rafa Nadel – Integrated branding

posted on 1st Feb 2019

Anyone sitting on their couch down-under watching the Australian Open tennis final on channel 9 last Sunday would have been very surprised to see in the middle of a break between games that Rafa Nadal seemed to order takeout! Strewth, what’s that fella doing? It was, in fact, a very clever “integrated” television... Gimme More »

Instagrammable Tourism: Is Instagram ruining the travel industry?

posted on 31st Jan 2019

How do you choose the destination of your next holiday? Are you talking to friends? Looking at pictures on travel websites? You’re probably scrolling through your Instagram feed seeing your friends and influencers posting gorgeous selfies on a white sand beach, margarita in hand wearing a cute, trendy hat and sunglasses. Let’s be real. It's... Gimme More »

Interview: The Art of Foodstyling with Johan van der Merwe

posted on 30th Jan 2019

Johan van der Merwe is one of our "go to" food and drink stylists here at Neworld. His beautifully loose, effortless style brings a delicious flair to the shots his work produces. He has worked with prestigious brands like Guinness, Jameson, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Heinz, KFC and Aldi to name but a few. As a Chef he holds a BA in... Gimme More »