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Neworlds Top 5 Calendars

28th Nov, 2018
Mr Bingo advent calendar scratch

Neworlds Top 5 Calendars

It’s that time of year when we’re all counting down to Santy! And once he’s come and gone, we’re all planning fresh new starts, and opening up the first pages of our brand new, fresh paper smelling, custom lined bespoke covered Moleskin notebooks… Well, us designers are anyway. What better time than this to buy an Advent Calendar or plan ahead with 2019!

Number 1: Mr. Bingo’s Advent Calendar
One of the funniest illustrators around and a particular favourite of Neworld”s for the creativity of his personal projects. Mr. Bingo has created a naughty scratch card advent calendar. Scratching away daily at someone’s clothes to leave them standing in the nip in a beautifully illustrated public area.
Buy it here! 

Number 2: Kiehls Advent Calendar 
TREAT YO SELF! – Yes, Kiehls has a lovely little surprise for every day in December.  And the whole of Neworld is off to the shops to get one for themselves!
Quickly! Get’em here. 

Number 3: The Aldi Wine Advent Calendar! 
This one must be good, as it’s reportedly sold out in a few hours. I mean, wine! Need we say more.  Proof! WINE!

Number 4: Fedrigoni Calendar
Because paper… Yes it’s been 8 years since this one but look how pretty!


Number 5: Tim Urban’s Life in Weeks
If you are into scaring yourself to be a bit more productive, why not try this. Tim Urban has created a calendar that marks out your entire life in weeks. It gets scarey when you start to fill those little boxes in.

It can be bought here on his blog; Wait bit why



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