POSTED BY: Rita Gomes

What logos of famous painters would look like

4th Dec, 2018
picasso logo

What logos of famous painters would look like

As a graphic designer focused on branding I’m always curious about what’s going on in this industry to expand my visual boundaries and find inspiration. It’s fascinating what you can come across and makes you think “why didn’t I think about that before?!” Sometimes it’s just simple little things – clever ways to pass through subtle messages, the use and selection of certain colours, etc.

This week I came across a creative project by brazilian artist Milton Omena. Omena imagined what famous painter’s modern brands would look like. As a fellow branding designer he challenged himself to get out of his comfort zone and created visual identities for iconic painters and creating a unique logo, brand or product, that would transmit straight away their painting styles, personalities, habits and lifestyles that made them so famous in the first place.

“For example, I have never made freehand logos or proportion calculus. I have never used pastels or more than 3 colors. Using the inspiration from painters who already had their strong styles established was a way of exercising my versatility.”

This project really has inspired me to push myself as a designer, get out of my comfort zone,  challenge myself to expand my design boundaries and fulfill different creative ideas/projects.



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