News/Blog Author: Xat Houatchanthara

Street Cred

posted on 22nd Mar 2019

Getting from A to B has got a lot cooler! Gone is the humble skateboard and scooter, sweating profusely as you pound the pavement down the street... Instead we now have silent electric powered scooters, unicycles or hover-boards. A lot of fun and not a bad way to get from A to B specially if it's your commute to work! I've... Gimme More »

G🔺ME CH🔺NGER 15–🔺2–19

posted on 15th Feb 2019

Product Life Cycle Almost all products have a specific life span known in marketing terms as the Product Life Cycle. This cycle spans the duration of the product from the time that it's launched to the time that it exits the market. Some products never actually exit the market, with marketers learning over time and through exacting research how... Gimme More »

The January Effect

posted on 9th Jan 2019

I’m calling it “The January Effect” What is it about the start of a new year that makes us want to transform and start fresh. It's almost as if we want to kick off all traces of the last year and begin completely all over again - lose 10 pounds, get fit, dry January, etc... For the next month, we will replace our December splurges on... Gimme More »

Happy Black Friday

posted on 23rd Nov 2018

Black Friday phenomenon in Europe, is it just another sales tactic or can we really bag a bargain?? Traditionally Black Friday is on the day after Thanksgiving in America and regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season. It has now made its way over to this side of the world and is fast becoming more of a phenomenon than the... Gimme More »

When Brands Become a Noun

posted on 24th Oct 2018

We recently began a house renovation project and I was amazed at the number of times we were asked if we were doing a “Grand Design”? The channel four home design series has become so entrenched in our everyday culture that the programme name has now become a generic term for home renovations. This is not a new phenomenon. The English... Gimme More »

The Importance of Keeping Your Brand Fresh

posted on 24th Sep 2018

Marketing communications have three main objectives: Inform your customers about your brand Persuade your customers why they should choose your brand over the competitors' options Remind your customers constantly and consistently about what you do and what you stand for Amongst all this, it's important to keep the brand fresh and... Gimme More »

How to build your brand’s image through merchandise

posted on 29th Aug 2018

Branding surrounds us 24/7/365. Whether we realise it or not we are constantly being bombarded with company names, logos and images. Take the humble take away coffee - brands are fighting for their brand to be the cup that you want to be seen with. Insomnia recently brought out their voyager cup as a chance to create new interest in the humble... Gimme More »

Where does your Dublin take you…

posted on 24th Jul 2018

Why not take a moment on your next commute into Dublin city to really take in your surroundings, you may be surprised... Dublin city is making a statement with its architecture! Mixing the old with the new or just standing tall and beautiful, Dublin City architecture has a lot to be proud of. As a designer, I am always on the lookout for... Gimme More »

The importance of the face of your business…

posted on 22nd Jun 2018

As the old saying goes, a face can launch a thousand ships... Have you ever experienced that moment you think you know someone so smile and casually nod,  saying to yourself ‘gosh where do I know them from?'. Then there's the slow realisation that dawns a split second later when you realise it’s that celebrity/personality from TV or the... Gimme More »

Connect engage and build relationship

posted on 23rd May 2018

We live in a fast moving, action packed world. Bombarded on a daily basis with messages, "likes", "emojis" and hashtags. This creates a challenge for brands to engage and create a human connection amongst all this noise and for the brand to try to create an emotional connection with their audience. A company that recently caught my eye is... Gimme More »