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The importance of the face of your business…

22nd Jun, 2018

The importance of the face of your business…

As the old saying goes, a face can launch a thousand ships…

Have you ever experienced that moment you think you know someone so smile and casually nod,  saying to yourself ‘gosh where do I know them from?’. Then there’s the slow realisation that dawns a split second later when you realise it’s that celebrity/personality from TV or the media and not, in fact, someone that you actually know!

Brand Narrative

Every brand has a unique opportunity to create connections through its people. Their stories and experiences can create a brand narrative that will resonate with target audiences, forming emotional attachments that help humanise brands.

A brand personality can reach places that branding exercises such as creating a visual brand identity cannot. Typography, visual language and brandmarks all create a visual identity but to engage your customers on a deeper level you need a compelling story. A person from inside your organisation, a brand ambassador that tells your customers where you have come from and why you are here allows your customers to connect, engage and hopefully inspire them to act.

Think of leading brands such as Apple. The simplicity of its design, the story of Steve Jobs and how that has become forever intertwined with Apple and its past, present and future. Steve Jobs humanised a technology company by enabling customers to relate to the brand and develop an emotional connection that encourages brand engagement and loyalty.

Richard Branson and Virgin are now forever the one brand – the CEO and entrepreneur who once famously gave all his employees his personal mobile number. A story that lives on today encourages us to believe that Virgin is still a friendly, approachable business with core values that we can still relate to.

Your CEO, spokesperson, Marketing Director, Social Media executive and other team members all play a role in building your brand. But in order to be effective, you need to ensure that you all understand the vision and mission of the company and that you are all singing off the same hymn sheet.

Xat Houatchanthara – Creative Director Visual Communications

Xat has specialised in building brands, from inception through to rollout to creating complex brand guidelines. In his role as Creative Director, Xat immerses himself in the complete branding process, acting as your brand guardian throughout each project, combining fresh, dynamic design concepts with sharp implementation.