News/Blog Author: Trish Brady

1 page, a million pixels = $1Million

posted on 2nd May 2019

January 2006, 21-year-old Alex Tew sat in his bedroom in Wilshire, watching the final pixels fill up on a computer screen. He was about to become a millionaire. All it took was $50, 2 days of his time, and an idea that in his own words was a...  “get-rich-quick scheme that actually worked.” It started when he asked himself  how can I make... Gimme More »

Instagram your brand

posted on 26th Mar 2019

Instagram has more than 1 billion active users, it boasts higher engagement rates than any other social media platform. With the right strategy you can make Instagram work for your brand. Using hashtags Using hashtags on Instagram can increase user engagement - one hashtag averages 12% more engagement than a post without one. It’s a great way... Gimme More »

Happy Birthday Bauhaus

posted on 18th Feb 2019

Bauhaus celebrates a milestone 100th birthday this year. It’s style is still relevant to design today - marriage of form and function is still the back bone of taste and sophistication. Bauhaus pieces were designed to be functional above all other qualities, stripped down to their basic elements and reduced to simple geometric forms. This is... Gimme More »

A rebrand that didn’t beat the clock

posted on 11th Jan 2019

Toys "R" Us was an international toy company founded in April 1948 and went into bankruptcy in 2018. Before its demise, the design studio Lippincott was brought on board to refresh the identity in the hope of bringing it back to life and help it compete against the growing competition. The project encompassed a new look that aimed to unify Toys... Gimme More »

For the love of twitter

posted on 19th Nov 2018

Ah Twitter... Nothing much to say here except twitter sometimes makes me chuckle... Dogs... Subscribe to Viral Viral on Youtube! --> — viral viral (@xxlfunny1) November 14, 2018 Theresa May... I spent too much time on this. #TheresaMay — Luke... Gimme More »

5 new tech terms you need to know

posted on 19th Oct 2018

Get yourself up to speed with 5 of the newest tech terms Crowdturfing Most of us read reviews before buying products or making a booking online. But some unscrupulous firms are now paying people to write positive reviews or to post bad reviews on competitor products. This is known as “crowdturfing”. Up to now the cost of hiring people has... Gimme More »

Happy World Tourism Day!

posted on 27th Sep 2018

Today is World Tourism Day, making it the perfect time to reflect on the tourism of our own island. New data from Fáilte Ireland provides an interesting look at Ireland's tourism industry. In 2017 Ireland had over 9 million visitors and Tourism Ireland predicts that it will be well over the 10 million mark by the end of 2018. Did you know... Gimme More »

Using the right colour in the right way

posted on 28th Aug 2018

According to research 90% of our assessment of a product is made on colour alone. If we don’t like a colour palette chances are we won’t buy the product or stay on a website for very long.  On a simple level, the colours on the warm side of the spectrum - such as red and yellow - are bold, uplifting and energetic, while their cooler... Gimme More »

Packaging Gold

posted on 26th Jul 2018

I am a lover of cosmetics and makeup… Sephora is my Disney when on holidays - I get jittery and excited before entering its doors! My love of make-up goes back to watching my maternal Grandmother beautifying herself. I remember being mesmerised by her. I coveted her Estée Lauder Compact. She would fish it out of her handbag, open it, remove... Gimme More »

The differences between UX & UI

posted on 26th Jun 2018

I call myself a UI Designer… previously called a web designer, before that I was a graphic designer! I’m not a UX Designer. Sometimes my role crosses over into the UX field prior to starting to design an interface, but the two fields are totally different - they are not the same. What's What UX Design refers to the term User Experience... Gimme More »