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7 Classic Irish Ads and earworms

25th May, 2018

7 Classic Irish Ads and earworms

1: Shake n Vac

Let’s start with the worst… go on put the freshness back, a world class earworm, you’re welcome!

2: Harp larger

Ah Sally O’Brien (she was actually English!) but anyway home is where the Harp is.

3: Kerrygold

Hmmmm, was buttering the spuds a euphemism?

4: Water Safety

Jesus Christ it’s a wonder any of us Irish kids made it through childhood, not to mention poor Grandad, just how drunk was he? Classic 1980’s.

5: Guinness

Ahhh Guinness, this whole post could have been just one great Guinness Ad after another. Here’s one of my favourites, cause that dancing guy was just annoying!

6: Safe Cross Code

Right all together now: 1 Look for a safe place, 2 Don’t hurry stop and wait, 3 Look all around and listen. This has saved my life many times.

7: Bord na Mona

Let’s finish with a bit of class, And O she was the Sunday in every week… sigh.


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