News/Blog Author: Stephen Walsh

My Type of Exhibition

posted on 29th Mar 2019

Two weeks ago I visited the Copper House Gallery just off Pleasants Street on my lunch break. There was an exhibition on which explored contemporary type and lettering design from artists around Dublin. The name of the exhibition was called Letterbomb. Using the theme of Taboo as a brief, the artists were asked to respond typographically. The... Gimme More »

Vintage Packs

posted on 21st Feb 2019

Vintage packaging design has been a highly effective trend in the last couple of years. It's decorative, it's old and it's a great way to catch consumers’ attention on shelf. From bold slab serif text to calligraphic symbols to foil finishes, it's no doubt there are some eye-catching pieces out there. They can be visually complex or... Gimme More »

The Flat Wine Bottle

posted on 16th Jan 2019

The world's first flat wine bottle has been brought to our attention, as it was named one of the finalists at the 30th Awards for Packaging Innovation. The packaging team and I visited the London Packaging Innovations last year and have been on the lookout for cool packs coming through these events ever since. The inventors, Garcon Wines,... Gimme More »

Spooky Craft Beers

posted on 31st Oct 2018

Tiz the season of leaves falling, dressing up in costumes and asking neighbours for sweets and treats. But if you don't wish to dress up as a Vampire or Frankenstein and go knocking on doors does not mean you can't enjoy a treat or two on Halloween. Here are some dark spooky craft beers for you to try if you're not too scared: Black Wych... Gimme More »

When a Slogan Fits, It Sits

posted on 1st Oct 2018

I am currently reading what's considered the 'creative bible for those looking to succeed in life, business and creativity' - Damn Good Advice by George Lois. And a section I came across was his examples of the best type of slogans and why. “When you’re creating a slogan that powerfully nails a product’s unique selling proposition, try... Gimme More »

Packaging in Ireland’s Oldest Market

posted on 31st Aug 2018

Since 1788, The English Market in Cork has been home to hundreds of traders from around the county. The 230-year-old roofed food market is the oldest in Ireland and was built by a Protestant or "English" corporation that controlled the city at the time (hence the name). The English Market is a unique place to visit in Cork. At every turn,... Gimme More »

The Case of Midleton Whiskey

posted on 31st Jul 2018

Those of you who don’t know Midleton Rare, it is an Irish whiskey distilled in East Cork in the same distillery where Jameson is made, Co. Cork Midleton. Each bottle is individually numbered and signed by the Master Distiller, and is sold in an accompanying wooden display case. The cheapest bottle you can buy is 180 euros and the rest go into... Gimme More »

Draft, Bottle or Can?

posted on 29th Jun 2018

What comes first when it comes to choosing your beer and why? As a fan of craft beer, a draft just cannot be beaten especially with the weather we're having lately. Beer garden, a glistening pint and sunshine (getting thirsty already). But if I was in an off-license picking up a few cold ones it becomes debatable between the can and the bottle.... Gimme More »

The Cola Wars

posted on 30th May 2018

You're either a Coca-Cola drinker or a Pepsi drinker. And that's not by accident. The rivalry between the two brands is legendary, starting over a century ago and has taken many forms from marketing to product development. One example I found interesting (and entertaining) with these two global brands battling it out was with Crystal Pepsi vs.... Gimme More »

Cardboard steps into the digital world of gaming

posted on 27th Apr 2018

Nintendo Labo Make, Play, Discover Few companies today can evoke the same amount of childlike wonder as Nintendo. And now the electronics company has turned the digital world on its head by bringing origami and video games together. These imaginative cardboard accessories put the play back into playing in Nintendo's new game... Gimme More »