POSTED BY: Stephen Walsh

Cardboard steps into the digital world of gaming

27th Apr, 2018
Nintendo Labo

Cardboard steps into the digital world of gaming

Make, Play, Discover

Few companies today can evoke the same amount of childlike wonder as Nintendo. And now the electronics company has turned the digital world on its head by bringing origami and video games together. These imaginative cardboard accessories put the play back into playing in Nintendo’s new game Labo.

Labo is refreshing, clever and an educational idea. Kids can immerse themselves in a world that encourages users to personalise their cardboard creations with markers, stickers and a little bit of imagination.

As a packaging designer and social gamer, it’s great to see an idea like this can be considered on such a global scale. Nintendo has many well known competitors that are focused on the next big graphic advancement and console – I can’t imagine how the creative team even pitched this idea to Nintendo. They looked in the other direction and brought cardboard origami into the digital world. This incredible new concept pushes kids to be creative and encourages a more hands on technical skill at the same time.

Even though Labo is aimed at kids, adults will find entertainment in building the equipment and nostalgia in playing the arcade-like games with their kids.

This brand is a good example of being bold and brave especially in a high-driven tech market. They put away their screens and took out the cardboard. Nintendo stayed on brand by thinking outside the box and keeping up with their wacky ideas. Nintendo shows us that possibilities are endless, and I’m looking forward to see what they will think of next.


Stephen Walsh | Packaging Designer
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